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Tina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
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 60 reviews
byClara onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Can’t recommend enough!

Tina is amazing and the results speak for themselves. Even after one session there was a noticeable reduction in hair growth which blew me away. Tina is a true professional and I have felt comfortable throughout the whole process as she explains everything well and puts your comfort first. Having tried laser hair removal before with a high street deal and seeing no results, I now know that there are varying qualities in machines and practitioners and Tina is up there with the best. Well worth every single penny, I would recommend Tina and her laser hair removal treatment to anyone!

byAurelia onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Verry happy

I started my Lazer hair removal sessions before the confinement so I had to pause the treatment half way through. During the time I had to wait, I got scared as my hair grew back but when I could restart the treatment, my hair is now growing thinner and lighter in colour. It still grow in some places but my treatment is not done yet, I still have a couple of sessions to go through and Tina told me that I could get a couple more session if needed. Regarding the pain, it was quite painful for the first session but got better each time I went back, some areas are more painful than others. I sometimes got redness, but my skin mark easily and with aloe Vera cream, it usually go away the next day. Sometime my freckles got darker and even crusted over but it goes back to normal after a week and a bit. So far I am very happy about the treatment and I hope that when it is done, I will never have to deal with my hair, I feel more confident in my own skin since I started the Lazer surgery and I even put a dress on for the first time in years, I also feel more confident wearing shot sleeves T-Shirts. Tina is very nice and it is easy to talk with her even with my social anxiety. I definitely recommend buying the Lazer sessions with Tina.

byAndrea onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Highly Recommended

I would like to express how much of a difference this has made to me. I have very thick, dark hairs and have shaved, waxed and even used an epilator, but laser is by far the best results.

I’ve had 5 sessions already with one more to go. Claire, who does my treatments, is very professional and friendly. Obviously due to Covid restrictions , I had to have a break in between sessions but I cannot fault the cleanliness of the premises on my return.

I would highly recommend Tina O’Doherty Laser Hair Removal to everyone.

bySuzanne McGregor onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Phenomenal Difference

I have had abnormal hair growth for years and tried various treatments to remove it, none were successful. I've been to Tina several times for hair removal laser treatment and the difference is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

byAna Carracedo onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Very Happy

I Have started my laser treatment a couple of months ago and I have had two sessions with Tina at the Glasgow west end clinic, it is a nice space, Tina is really lovely and the treatment is great, it is not painful and it is quite quick, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I am Spanish with quite white skin and dark hair and the treatment so far is working great for me. I started noticing some results from first treatment like slower hair growth. I’m very happy with whole experience and highly recommend.

byRagan Horne onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
No more in-growing hairs

I have recently had my second session with Tina and I cannot recommend her services enough. I was very apprehensive about having laser hair removal due to the number of ingrown hairs I have and was embarrassed to show anyone this. Tina made we feel most at welcome and very comfortable in her clinic. I normally have to shave my underarms every second day and after my first session I didn’t have to shave for 3 weeks. The main thing for me I was suffering from 2/3 ingrown hairs per month and after 2 months have not had a single ingrown hair. My results speak for them self. I wish I had done it years ago. I recommend Tina to everyone.



byAngela Whyte onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Very Professional

Tina is so professional yet super friendly. Put me at ease right away and explained the process well. This is my 2nd visit and I can see huge improvements already. So good and highly recommended.

byKirsty Pearson onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Amazing results

Chin, lip & neck hair removal. Noticed a massive difference after my 1st session. Tina made me feel so relaxed. Absolutely amazing results.

byKate onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Fantastic service

Was very nervous at going to clinic, there was no need. As soon as I walked through the door Tina was amazing. Tina explained everything to me, she is so professional and lovely puts you at ease you feel as if you have known her all your life. Anyone thinking of going for hair removal Tina is your lady. After only my 1st treatment I am gobsmacked at how much difference already. Go on make that call, its the best decision you will make.

byAndy onTina O'Doherty's Hair Removal Clinic
Brilliant Service

I was quite nervous going for the first time but Tina was great and made me feel at ease straight away, as if I was at the barbers. The results are amazing! My back, chest, stomach and shoulders have been treated and the results really are astounding, I feel like a different person and far more confident whilst in the swimming pool or on the beach. If you are thinking about it then do it, you won't have any regrets. Tina is extremely professional, knows her stuff and makes you feel comfortable during the treatment. Also, Tina recently acquired a new machine which seems to work faster and more efficiently.
Thank you for everything.

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