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Visit Tina O’Doherty’s Edinburgh clinic for very best laser hair removal has to offer

At Tina O’Doherty’sEdinburgh clinic we want you to feel at ease during your laser hair removal journey. We’ll spend time with you to help you understand the treatment and ourprocedures.

Our expert laser practitioners are fully trained, we only use thehighest medical grade laser and we have strict clinical protocols.

This means you can trust the team at Tina O’Doherty’s Edinburgh clinic to deliver the highest standards of safety, treatment and care.

Tina O’Doherty’s Laser Hair Removal clinic is proud to be recognised as one of Scotland’s leading laser hair removal specialists.

Established in Edinburgh since 2003, with over 18 years’ experience Tina offers you first class service in terms of results, safety and customer satisfaction.
Our Laser Hair Removal Edinburgh Clinic is perfect if you are looking for a more permanent way to remove  your unwanted hair.

Our main objective is to deliver the very best possible results for you and will feel safe in the knowledge that your laser therapist is fully trained and  is an experienced practitioner in the specialist procedure of Laser Hair Removal.  
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Edinburgh Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"After lots of research and a few quotes I decided to use Tina’s Edinburgh clinic. My final decision was based on the fact that Tina called me personally, answered all my questions and gave me comfort that l would obtain the desired results.
After completing my course of treatment I can say that Tina delivered on her promises and I am absolutely delighted with my results. Her new laser hair removal machines are fabulous and my face is now hair free after years of shaving, paranoia and embarrassment.
Thank you Tina...your laser treatments are truly life changing."

Nicola Johnstone (Google 5 star review)
"I have PCOS and ingrown hairs, I'd tried everything possible to help my Ingrown hairs and nothing worked so I finally bit the bullet and tried laser hair removal at Tinas Edinburgh clinic. Omg, it's life changing! Tina puts you at ease from the first phone call. The laser isn't painful overall and it's over with really quickly. The result are amazing, I've only had a couple of sessions and I already have way less Ingrown hairs. It looks so much better, the pain from the ingrown hairs is gone and I feel much more confident now. I've also noticed a big reduction in hair and growth already. 100% recommend."
Sarah C (Google 5 star review)
Tina made me feel at ease from the first time I spoke with her, she makes the whole laser hair removal process so easy, answering every single question I had. The process is practically pain free, so quick and so professional. The laser hair removal results were amazing even after my first session, I’m absolutely delighted. I would highly recommend Tina."
Cara Devaney (Google 5 star review)
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Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal At Our Edinburgh Clinic

It is is fast.

Laser treatments vary in time and depend on 3 main factors:

1. The size of the area that is to be treated, for example the upper lip will take much less time to treat than the full legs (obvious I know, but worth mentioning).

2. The type of laser equipment that is being used.  This is less obvious and less understood than point 1.  It is common for clients to believe that all laser hair removal treatments are the same and all clinics use similar equipment.

 In reality laser systems cost from less than £1000 for cheap imports to over £100,000 for high grade well maintained medical devices.‍

Our Edinburgh clinic uses high end medical grade Diode lasers that are lightning fast producing a laser shot every 5ms.  This means a small area such as your upper lip can be treated in 2-3 minutes and larger areas such as full legs in approx 45min. ‍

3.  The final very important factor is your clinicians expertise and experience.  In our Edinburgh Clinic you are guaranteed to be treated by a fully trained, experienced laser hair removal specialist.  Not only that, you will be treated by the same clinician throughout your course of treatments, ensuring your treatments are safe, fast and effective.

It is is precise.

The laser used in our Edinburgh clinic produces light at a very specific wave length that focuses on the selective destruction of the hair follicle whilst protecting the surrounding skin structures 

It is pain free.

When you undergo laser hair removal the amount of pain you feel will depend a lot on the system being used and the skill of your clinician.  In our Edinburgh clinic our system utilises Crystal Freeze technology. This is a cooling system at the tip of the hand piece that not only protects your skin but provides a virtually pain free treatment and maximum comfort.

It stops ingrown hairs‍.

Because our lasers attack the hair follicle, we prevent new ingrown hairs from growing in those spots on your skin. You won’t need to worry about being afflicted with inflammation any longer, or with the embarrassment of lumpy, red skin!

It leaves your skin soft.

After your treatments end, you can enjoy silky smooth skin that leaves you feeling fresh. Better yet, you can enjoy this sensation for the rest of your life without wasting your time on regular shaving, plucking or waxing sessions.

It is effective.

Our Edinburgh Clinic utilises the most advanced and high quality diode laser technology, delivering energy and selective heat to destroy the hair follicles without damaging your adjacent skin.

For the most part, our laser hair removal is a permanent solution for removing unwanted hair. Due to hormones you may  notice some returning hair growth, which will be much less than before, making it much easier to manage or treat with a top up laser  appointment once or twice per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is it?

Treatments can vary from virtually pain free, to painful and a lot depends on the laser hair removal system being used. Cheaper and older systems can be painful and a topical numbing cream is sometimes used to help. Other systems can be described as being uncomfortable (like the snapping of an elastic band against your skin). At Tina O’Doherty’s Edinburgh clinic we use the very latest laser technology that can be described as virtually pain free. A patented cooling tip ensures you have a the most comfortable  treatment available today.

Is lt safe?

When you visit our Edinburgh clinic a consultation a patch test will be performed to determine the best setting for your hair and skin type. This is also an extra safety measure which will allow your therapist to gauge your reaction to laser hair removal prior to completing your first full treatment. When treatment’s are carried out by fully trained/experienced therapists using well maintained medical grade lasers the risk of severe side effects are rare. Mild side effects that are possible include redness of the skin; raised bumps at the hair follicle; minor blistering. Some more sensitive areas may feel slightly hot (like a mild sunburn). These can be soothed with Aloe Vera gel or a cold towel. There is a small risk on darker skin that your laser treatments can temporarily change your skin pigment. Typically, these side effects diminish within a few hours but sometimes it takes a day or two for them to totally disappear.

Treatment time?

This really depends on the type of laser hair removal devioce being used and the area being treated.  At Tina's Edinburgh clinic a small area such as the top lip will take 5min. Larger areas such as the full legs take approx. 40min.

Do you treat men?

Yes our Edinburgh clinic offers a full laser hair removal service for our male clients.  Popular areas are Back, Chest and Beard. We are also one of the only clinics in Edinburgh to treat the male pubic and buttock areas.

Can you treat all hair ?

This depends on the equipment being used. Our Edinburgh clinic used the very latest Diode laser technology that is capable of treating all hair colours and skin types, with the exception being white hair. White hair cannot be treated by laser as it has no melanin. Melanin provides your hair with its colour and diminishes as we age. By the time it goes white it is too late for laser to be an effective treatment.

Is it permanent?

In simple terms the answer to this question is that a limited number of laser hair removal systems are clinically proving to permantly reduce your unwanted hair by up to 90%. However the results you will achieve depend greatly on 3 main factors.

1. The Laser Hair Removal System used. Most people believe that all laser hair removal systems are the same or similar.  The reality is that this could not be further from the truth.There are many different systems out there and they vary in cost from a few hundred pounds to over £100,000.  The problem you have as a client is understanding the difference. Whilst Laser Hair Removal is clinically proven to permanently remove your unwanted this is only true for high powered medical grade lasers that conform to the standers used in clinical trials. The market has been flooded by cheap imports that do not use medical grade lasers  (or, in some, any type of laser) and are simply not powerful enough or maintained to a standard that will destroy your unwanted hair. At Tina O’Doherty’s Edinburgh clinic we use the very latest medical grade laser hair removal system that is at the higher end of the market and is clinically proven to give you excellent results.

2. Your Hair Colour Different laser systems are designed to treat different hair colours. Some are better for dark or brown hair and others are better for lighter coloured hair (blonde or red). Today there are now some high end systems that are designed to treat all hair colours. The hair removal system used at Tina O’Doherty’s Edinburgh clinic is designed to treat all hair colours. It is important to note that no laser system can treat white hair.

3. Therapist Expertise One of the  reasons that cheap imports and home laser systems are not powerful enough to permanently destroy your unwanted hair is because in order to use a high powered system safely you need a high degree of training which some suppliers cannot provide. The experience of your therapist is also vital to ensure you get the best possible results. At Tina O’Doherty’s not only are all our therapists highly trained, but due to the fact that we specialise in hair removal they are very experienced.  It is also our policy to allocate a dedicated therapist to each client to ensure consistency and maximum results.

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