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At Tina O’Doherty’s, we specialise in laser hair removal and use the very latest Gold Standard Medical Grade Laser system which is  one of the most effective and safest available. We have completed over 750,000 treatments helping our clients discover the life changing benefits laser hair removal has to offer.

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Tina's Standards

At Tina O'Doherty's clients can expect a friendly professional service that meets or exceeds client demands. Treatment results should at least meet client expectations with Tina's personal guarantee that they we be satisfied with their laser hair removal results.

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Meet Tina

Tina suffers from a condition knows as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). One of its side effects is excess body hair. After years of suffering and embarrassment she discovered the "miracle" of laser hair removal. At the time Laser Hair Removal was in its infancy and the treatments were painful. Whilst the results were not as good as the were today they were still life changing and gave Tina a boost in confidence. She decided to get involved in the industry so that she could help others.

Today Tina owns 6 clinics through out Scotland and continues to invest in the latest laser technology ensuring she can help as many people as she can to experience the life changing benefits laser hair removal brings.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Results

Our Gold Standard Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal treatments are clinically proven to permanently reduce your unwanted hair. .

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments attack the hair follicle, preventing new hair growth therefore preventing future ingrown hairs from forming.

Precise & Exact

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments can target all body areas from small areas like the top lip to full back and legs.

Improved Skin Texture

Waxing and shaving can irritate your skin.  However, after your laser hair removal course  not only will you be hair free, but your skin will feel silky and look super smooth and fresh.

No Need to let Hair Grow

It is not necessary to let your hair to grow between your treatments, (like you do for waxing).


You will no longer have to hide your face in public or your bikin body on your next summer holiday.

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