"Scotland's No 1 Laser Hair Removal Specialist."


Fed Up With  Unwanted Hair?

Do you suffer from embarrassing unwanted hair?

Are you sick of endless waxing and shaving?

Do nasty in-growing hairs cause you problems.

Would you like to have silky smooth hair free skin?


Then it's time for Tina's Laser Hair Removal

For a Limited Period we are offering You a FREE Consultation and FREE Patch Test with absolutely no obligation.

So How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

No matter which area of your body has  unwanted hair, laser hair removal can help.

In a flash hair follicles are destroyed and our treatments are clinically proven to achieve permanent results.

We use Gold Standard Medical  grade lasers that are attracted to your hair pigment.

The laser heats your hair follicle’s, killing them at the root. 

Your unwanted hair with then fall out … never to return.

A Few Reviews

We Treat ALL Areas & ALL Skin Types

Our Dedicated Laser Hair Removal Clinics


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Tina O’Doherty’s ongoing commitment to finding and investing in the very best treatments available in an ever changing market will ensure we remain Scotland’s Leading specialist clinic.

We now have 6 clinics located throughout Scotland and currently offer a Free Consultation and Free patch test/ trial treatments worth £80 with all of our treatments. This gives you the ideal risk free opportunity to discover the life changing benefits Tina O’Doherty’s can bring to you.


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