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For years I have put up with unwanted hair on my face and it was really starting to knock my confidence .Decided to go with Tina as even from the first phone call to enquire the staff are so lovely and friendly.After my 3rd treatment i would say most of my unwanted hair has gone .Tina makes the business with her bubbly ,friendly,Chatty personality and they all make you feel at home .Best money I have ever spent willBe back In the future .Thankyou

Best money I've ever spent!

I had suffered with excess facial hair my entire adult life and why I waited until I was in my fifties to sort it out, I've no idea! It has changed my life! I used to keep razors in my car so I could quickly go over my face if I felt stubble later on in the day after shaving each morning and now I never even think about it. The freedom is amazing! Thank you Tina!

Laser Hair Removal

After suffering for many years with severe shaving rash on my face I contacted Tina and after speaking with her I decided to go ahead with a course of laser treatment. It was the best thing I have ever done the results have been amazing. I have clearer and brighter skin, no more shaving rash as I now do not have to shave every day.After having such good results I decided to do my back also and again results have been great.Thanks Tina for all your help

Tina'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for me, after years of suffering in silence with my unwanted hair I finally plucked up the courage to do something about and I'm so glad I did as it has completely changed my life, I have so much more confidence, I'm getting married and finally can wear a bikini! I just wish id done it sooner and would urge anyone who's suffering to take the plunge and do something about it, it literally is life changing and I'm so glad I chose Tina O'Doherty as the service and care you receive is just brilliant and reassuring!Laura Tranent

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

Having separated a few years ago, the thought of any new relationship was daunting as I've been conscious of excess hair and knew it was affecting my confidence. It truly has been one of the best decisions I've made. Tina's down to earth approach put me at ease and results were noticeable from the start along with my skin being smooth to touch.Thanks

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

Hi Tina,Just a token of my deep appreciation for all that you have done for me and for helping me achieve the things that I have achieved to date, Your help has opened up a new world to me, words cannot describe the depth of my sincerity and gratitude.I am currently 28 years of age and for the last 10 years I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to have treatment on the NHS (Despite numerous referrals). Prior to this I had suffered in silence from the age of 14 when I could not speak about my problem to anyone and literally suffered in silence, too embarrassed and thinking I was the only one with this condition (PCOD) I was made to feel that I was a 'freak' due to derogatory comments made by 'inconsiderate associates' which was humiliating and made me very sad. 6 years ago My Parents paid for private IPL treatments over a period of 18months, Although these treatments helped they were no where near as effective as the treatments I have received at your clinic Tina, Which has been absolutely amazing. I would recommend your clinic to everyone.It is a pleasure to know you Tina and I am really happy with the treatments I have received from you.Yours SincerelyDonna

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

I just thought I would drop review how pleased I am with the results of my hair removal treatment.I recently finished the treatment which was over six sessions. The area I had treated is now completely hair free and this has resolved the personal issue I had suffered with for many years. My happiness and confidence in my appearance has increased. You made me feel very comfortable and explained the treatment clearly including the after care. I understand I may need a top up in the future however the difference in hair reduction from the initial session until now is amazing and would happily come back to your clinic for more treatment. I have also recommended this treatment to friends.Thank you so much Tina and I look forward to coming back to your clinic in the future for more treatments.Kind Regards,Connie B

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

I can't believe how well the treatment has worked and wish I had decided to use your clinic sooner. I used to spend at least an hour every night plucking coarse black hairs from my chin, jaw and upper lip, which in itself caused more problems with ingrowing hairs. As you know, I too suffer with PCOS and the hairs made me feel so self conscious for over 20 years. I can honestly say that this treatment has been a fantastic success and I feel so much better about how my face looks. Regards Tracey

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

I've just finished a course of laser hair removal treatments in your Hamilton salon & I'd like to thank you all for helping me free myself from a state of constant paranoia, low self esteem & low confidence. I have been blessed with PCOS & all the challenges that brings but for over 12 years my daily routine always started with hair removal or cover up of some sort. My constant thought throughout each & everyday was can people see any hair. My skin would breakout in sores & look terrible adding to my paranoia. I was in a cycle of constant plucking, bleaching, threading & waxing with no let up.I am in a completely different place now & I can't even explain what a relief & release that is. I noticed a difference from the first session & with each session the hair just quickly fell out & stopped coming back. It really is hard to convey how much the six sessions changed my life. Your staff are so nice, knowledgeable & professional. I always get a warm welcome when I arrive.I am really over the moon with the results & can honestly & truly say laser was one of the best things I have ever spent money on. Laser hair removal has absolutes been a positive experience for me.Thank you for all your help.Fiona

Tina O'Dohertys Laser Hair Removal Review

Hi, I would like to share my experience. I'm an Indian in my 30's and of course blessed with a lot of body hair and part of last year I experienced a surge in the facial hair and started with waxing, it worsened and the regrowth was thicker. After reading up a lot I bought an epilator. It did help clean up but was painful and returned thicker and I was epilating almost every day. The skin had started developing bumps and I looked like a skinned chicken. Laser was always on my mind but I wasn't sure. I was fortunate to speak to Tina, she was extremely knowledgeable and made me understand the whole process of Ellipse Laser. The results were outstanding, I started with signing up only for my face and neck but now it's for legs, full hands etc. It's resulted in smoother skin, in-grown hairs have reduced drastically and no hassles of daily hair removal. I can wear more skirts, keep my hair off my face, and definitely enjoy the confidence I've gained after being treated by Tina. A BIG THANK YOU Tina. You are a magician!! Regards Radhika

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